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Qi and Body Awareness: Week Six

Video 1: Heaven and Earth Breathing Technique

This video describes a special technique of breathing that involves using the breath to move the Qi through the head and feet simultaneously, while directing that Qi to concentrate into the lower abdomen, or Xia Dan Tien. It is followed by exhaling the Qi out the torso and arms, back into Xia Dan Tien through the palms. We use this technique in our standing meditation practice (Zhan Zhuang). Rarely will one find this practice taught anywhere along with Zhan Zhuang practice.

Video 2: Standing Like A Tree Instruction

Here we outline specific techniques for our “Standing Like a Tree” practice or Zhan Zhuang along with reiteration of the “Heaven and Earth Breathing Technique”.

Video 3: Strengthening the External Qi

This is a brief video displaying a technique for meridian tapping or patting. This technique is known for stimulating Qi flow along meridians and for drawing Qi to the external body to promote vibrant health and circulation of blood.

Video 4: Awakening the Belt Route

The “Belt Route” or Dai Mai is one of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians located around the waist, interconnecting with the Xia Dan Tien energy gate and the Ming Men energy gate (located on the lower back). This video demonstrates an additional method for stimulating Qi flow along this meridian.

Video 5: Five Point Breathing Meditation

The “Five Point Breathing Meditation” describes how we can use our breath to guide the Qi through five key energy gates on the body. Learning to sense and draw Qi in through these five points can give us the ability to manifest health

Video 6: Harmony Qigong

This is a sacred Qigong practice typically reserved for advanced practitioners. This practice utilizes movement and mind where we penetrate into the Earth, the Sky, and the Horizon. Basically we are gathering Qi in this manner in eight directions, and then also from head to toe, totaling ten directions.

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