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Qi and Body Awareness: Week Five

Video 1: Five Organ Breathing

Here we learn how to clear emotions that collect in our physical organs of our body, affecting our health and well being. Emotions that are stored in our internal organs can be released through awareness, sound, and movement. We then draw in specific color and the positive antithesis of such emotions to revitalize our internal organs and our state of mind.

Video 2: Two Hands Hold the Feet

This is one of the “Eight Great Movements for Health”. This exercise is said to be good for muscles of the lower back and legs and for stretching the spine. It is stated that this practice can benefit the stomach, lower abdomen, strengthen the kidneys and bladder and stimulate bodily meridians.

Video 3: Turning Earth & Sky

This is a more vigorous Qigong practice which involves bending and turning at the waist to adjust the spine and open the rib cage while stimulating the internal organs. At the same time we are gathering Earth Qi and Heaven Qi using the palms to sweep the Qi field.

Video 4: Painting the Fence

Again we use our palms to gather Earth Qi and Heaven Qi while stimulating the flow of Qi through our legs and torso as we rise and sink in this motion. The upward swinging motion can open the hips, clearing blockages between the upper and lower body.

Video 5: Qigong Practice Video #2

This is a downloadable video that can be watched as guide for daily practice. It provides a recap of some of the previous Qigong movement practices displayed from Week #3 to Week #5, with minimized instruction and gentle music.

Download this Video

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