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Qi and Body Awareness: Week Three

Video 1: The Three Adjustments

This video explains application of the “Three Adjustments”; adjusting the body to deeply relax, adjusting the breath through the six breath regulations, and adjusting the focus of the mind.

Video 2: Fang Song Meditation Practice

The “Fang Song Meditation” practice is a technique to consciously relax each part of the body. In this video we also have combined the added practice of the “Cellular Regeneration Meditation”, using a body breathing technique. This is followed by an explanation of our Closing Form which is applied at the end of each meditation.

Video 3: Five Meditation Tips

Five small things that we can do with our body to improve our Qigong mediation.

Video 4: Weeping Willow Quivers in the Breeze Qigong Practice

In this practice we consciously shake each part of our body for health and vitality. Advocates of this technique report that body vibration may aid in; burning fat, improving flexibility, enhancing blood flow, reducing muscle soreness, building strength, and decreasing stress.

Video 5: Swimming like a Butterfly Qigong Practice

This Qigong movement utilizes reverse tendon changing and moves Qi through the lower back and lower abdomen. The hands gather Qi laterally from an anterior to posterior position and also from a posterior to anterior position.

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