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Qi and Body Awareness: Week Two

Video 1: Nine Sensations of Qi

This video provides a method for recognizing Qi flow within ourselves through the identification of specific sensations that may occur.

Video 2: Activating Xia Dan Tien

This video displays a technique for gathering and storing Qi in the lower abdomen to create an abundance of Qi.

Video 3: Gathering Heaven & Earth; Compact it Down

This simple practice illustrates how we can gather Earth Qi and Heaven Qi and compact it down through our head and body and store it into our lower abdomen.

Video 4: Three Rules for Qigong + Wind Blows the Lotus Blossom

This video describes three concepts that can help us have an enhanced experience of Qigong practice. Also added in this video is a Qigong practice designed for developing sensitivity to the Qi flow between our hands.

Video 5: Qigong Practice Video #1

This is a downloadable video that can be watched as a guide for daily practice. It provides a recap of some of the previous Qigong movement practices displayed in Week #1 and Week #2, with minimized instruction and gentle music.

Download this Video

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