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Qi and Body Awareness: Week One

Video 1: Introduction to Qi & Body Awareness

Our introductory video includes basic concepts of Qigong practice that illustrate how we may integrate Qi and body awareness together. It includes basic guidelines for experiencing and leading Qi throughout the body.

Video 2: Basic Body Alignment

This video provides basic knowledge for aligning the posture from head to toe so that we may experience the maximum flow of Qi and reduce tension and stress during practice.

Video 3: Threading the Nine Holed Pearls Practice

This practice trains us to open the flow of Qi through each joint and limb through the combination of mind, breath, and movement.

Video 4: Opening the Joints & Limbs: Ten Qigong Practices

This video illustrates Qigong movements to further help to open the joints and limbs with specific focus on multiple areas of the body.

For questions or comments regarding your practice, you may contact us at harhar@shenrenqigong.com. Questions will be directly answered from the instructor. For questions regarding health issues, we recommend you contact your physician or health provider. Thank you.

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