Qi and Body Awareness — Online Video Course

This unique online Qigong course is comprised of seven weeks of training that includes 39 Qigong video clips. Our training centers on the topic of “Qi and Body Awareness”.

The concept of Qi and Body Awareness is based on the idea that we recognize the Qi through first recognizing internal awareness of our body. Through this method, we discover the Qi and Qi flow within. Our course provides dozens of tips and techniques to truly experience Qigong. We include numerous methods for developing the ability to sense Qi, gather Qi, and move Qi throughout the body.

If you are a beginning practitioner, this course will assist you in the art of internal awareness so that you have a strong foundation in your Qigong practice. If you are a more advanced Qigong practitioner, this course may also teach you new ways to enhance your current practices.

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Our online video course contains information that details personal experiences and opinions regarding physical and mental health practices. Our video course is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a licensed physician. Our video course is also not intended to be a substitute for a licensed mental health practitioner. Before beginning any practices outlined in this video course, it is recommended that you seek advice from your healthcare provider.

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