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Qi is the life force that positively impacts our body. Qigong is the practice of drawing Qi, storing Qi, and directing Qi throughout the body.

Our Qigong training thus focuses on developing ability with Qi, which is the meaning and purpose of Qigong.

At our center, we practice both movement and internal meditation to impact key acupoints or energy gates, internal organs, and bodily meridians, for bringing about tremendous health and well being!

Qigong Classes

7-Week Online Video Course

This online video course includes seven weeks of Qigong training that includes 39 videos on the topic of “Qi and Body Awareness”.

Qigong & Tai Chi Classes

Weekly classes held at our beautiful 1000 square foot octagonal Shen Ren Center, built and dedicated exclusively to the practice of Qigong.

September 2021 Qigong Class


Understanding Qigong

The Benefits of Qigong

The ancient art of Qigong practice brings tremendous health and well being. Qi is the life force known through many cultures by different names and also measured in the scientific community of China and the U.S. as a tangible force that can positively impact our body.

Qigong is the cultivation or practice of drawing Qi, storing Qi, and directing Qi throughout the body. This includes learning to direct Qi into key energy gates, internal organs, and bodily meridians that also correspond with acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points.

The reason for learning this art is to develop the ability to utilize the natural forces already existing in nature (and within ourselves) for the development of health and awareness and to learn to consciously clear blockages within our body and being.

Developing awareness just means to be mindful of what already actually exists within and around us. The extent of this awareness can grow tremendously depending on where we place our intent. Like studying in a university a particular subject and mastering it, we make an intensive focus on studying our internal awareness, using movement combined with focus.

Studies have concluded that movement meditation is more effective than typical meditations, as the mind is meditative and alert when mindfully moving. Mindful practice of Qigong activates Theta, Alpha, and Beta brain waves which many meditations strive to achieve. Most practices are surprisingly simple and millions worldwide find Qigong produces health benefits without requiring incredible agility and strength to perform.

This studio and the teachings have become a regular part of my Saturdays. It is a refuge from the chaos and craziness of life for me. Har Har, the teacher, is very welcoming to students of every capability. He teaches with care explaining carefully how to correctly do a form and what we are accomplishing when doing the form. I really appreciate his teachings and the care and attention he shows his students. Altogether it is a healing and uplifting way to spend my Saturday morning. I highly recommend attending Shen Ren studio.”

Nancy Guenther

Your studio is the nicest studio I’ve ever seen! I love all the sunlight and nature surrounding. Somehow I feel calmed and refreshed after your classes. I love the clean feeling of the wood floors under the feet with fresh air breezing in from outside. It’s such a nice, meditative setting. Thank you for making such a beautiful space for us to be in and for your relaxed, respectful and humble style of sharing Qi Gong from the heart.”

Hari Bhajan Kaur

A Demonstration of Qigong

Qigong Practice Video

FREE Qigong Presentations

Elements of the Big Dipper Meditation

Ko Wu: The Art Of Self Investigation

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