Taught at the Shen Ren Qigong Center

  1. Master Hao has developed the Tai Chi-Qigong 17 based on years of experience practicing the Tai Chi 24 form, the Tai Chi 18 form, and the Inner Dan Arts Qigong Breathing form.
  2. Tai Chi-Qigong 17 was developed to perform Tai Chi-Qigong movements while standing in one place. It can be easily practiced in the office or small space.
  3. People can practice this without having intensive training in traditional Chinese Tai Chi. Basically it is simple to do and it is relaxing.
  4. Tai Chi-Qigong 17 is suitable for anyone to practice, including elderly people, people with physical weakness or limited movement, or people with chronic Illnesses.
  5. This form is easier to make corrections to the movement. Many people without basic Chinese cultural training in Tai Chi will have difficulty make corrections to movements in order to properly perform the practice.
  6. This form is also very good for health.
  7. The practice of breathing in Tai Chi can be difficult to coordinate with the movements. In the Tai Chi-Qigong 17, it is simple to coordinate breathing without thinking about the breath too much.
  8. Too much thinking about the details of movement can adversely affect your practice. This being said, the breathing coordination is still a very important aspect of Tai Chi.
  9. This form uses the abdomen for breathing. We typically breathe mostly in the chest. To develop abdominal Qigong breathing, we can lie on the bed with a book on our abdomen, and use the book to move up and down with our abdomen while we breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and draw the abdomen in, allowing the book to descend. Breathe out and expand the abdomen out, causing the book to rise.

Practice with us on Saturday mornings at the Shen Ren Qigong Center

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