Free Lecture and Meditation by Qigong Master Tianyou Hao

Tianyou Hao is a scientist, professor, engineer and Qigong healer from Beijing with over 50 years of Qigong experience that he learned from four of the greatest Qigong Masters in China. Since 1988, he has successfully adapted the best of Chinese Qigong to Western culture.

In this lecture, Master Hao discusses how Chinese Qigong can enable you to access the flow of vital energy to calm your mind, recharge your body and reduce stress through movement, meditation and breath regulation. Qigong practices improve blood circulation and enhance immune functions. Because Qigong can be used by healthy persons as well as by those who are chronically ill, it is one of the most broadly-applicable systems of self-healing and preventive medicine in the world.

Free Meditation by Qigong Master Tianyou Hao

What is Chinese Medical Qigong?

Chinese Medical Qigong = Self-Healing System + Qi Healing System

Chinese Qigong is a science consisting of principles and practices proven for 3000 years to improve health, prevent disease, and generate vitality. Qigong trains individuals to use their minds to adjust and control their life processes with exercises that circulate Qi (life energy) through their body channels. Qigong practices contribute to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Qigong is a gift to our planet. As we learn to nurture ourselves we learn to live in a way that cares for all life around us.

This Inner Dan Arts Qigong System was introduced to the U.S. in 1988 by Qigong Master Tianyou Hao.

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