Qi and Body Awareness

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The practice of Qi and Body Awareness will provide the reader with dozens, if not hundreds of tips and techniques for learning to sense Qi, gather Qi, and move Qi throughout the body. Even more advanced practitioners of Qigong may benefit from this information as well.

Much of this book is based on knowledge passed down from Qigong masters of the East. This knowledge provides the reader with numerous subtleties of Qigong practice, so that the inner language of Qi may be learned.

The premise of Qi and Body Awareness is that Qi is first discovered through awareness of the physical body. Using the concept of Reverse Cultivation, we identify the Qi through first recognizing our physicality. After recognizing the Qi, we can then recognize and grow the Qi Body. By first discovering what we can tangibly grasp in the physical, we can gain awareness of the esoteric or the intangible.

Qi and Body Awareness not only includes Qigong practices, but it also offers in-depth explanation of what is occurring in Qigong movements. These techniques supply clarification on how we can apply our internal awareness in synchronization with Qigong movement for maximum benefit. This book contains numerous illustrations and examples to explain the details needed for a successful Qigong practice.

The information compiled in Qi and Body Awareness serves as a valuable tool for reaching the deeper levels of awareness in Qigong practice. The goal of this book is to provide a simple and clear understanding of Qigong, so that the reader may learn to take the mystery out of mastery.

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